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In Texas, the more colloquial term "custody" is referred to as "conservatorship," legally speaking. Ultimately, there are two types of conservatorship: sole managing conservatorship and joint managing conservatorship. The former exists when one parent has primary responsibility. That said, barring extenuating circumstances, the law presumes that both parents should be appointed joint managing conservators.

Texas Family Code §153.132 stipulates conservatorship rights as the ability:

  • To represent a child or make choices regarding legal action
  • To consent to the child enlisting in the armed forces or entering into marriage
  • To decide on any psychological or psychiatric care
  • To decide education
  • To decide upon any surgical, medical or dental procedures that are invasive
  • To choose where the child lives
  • To receive child support
  • To earnings or services of the child
  • To manage the child's estate unless another official has been appointed

It is important to realize that in the case of a joint managing conservatorship, rights are not necessarily equally split and the court may configure conservatorship based on how it sees fit.

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