Houston Uncontested Divorce Attorney

The costs and emotions already run high enough in divorce and family law issues. As such, it's no surprise that more and more people are turning toward uncontested divorce solutions. Traditionally speaking, uncontested divorces are ideal for couples who have reached agreements on all major issues — property division, custody, support, etc. That said, sometimes a couple want to pursue an uncontested divorce but still have unresolved issues.

If you seek to pursue an uncontested divorce, we at the Law Office of Dan Kirby are prepared to bring our expertise to work for you.

We understand that every family is unique and that each case has its own circumstances. As such, we are prepared to customize our services based on need. We can pursue methods of mediation and arbitration or other methods to help you address last issues in a way that preserves your family's financial and emotional health.

Once everything is settled, we are ready to prepare all necessary legal documents to make the settlement binding. Our attorney and family law team's approach to family law issues has helped hundreds of families reach best possible outcomes for their unique needs and goals. We are prepared to bring our comprehensive knowledge and hands-on approach to help you do the same. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you.

To reach out and get in touch to schedule an initial consultation with our Houston uncontested divorce lawyer, call 713-965-6807 or email the firm.